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Senior-level employees in various disciplines, proficient in eCommerce strategies, emerging technologies and industry trends, ready to advise and coach our clients.


Experienced project teams dedicated to deliver eCommerce implementation, development, integration and design services to align business with IT.


Our post-project subscription services allow our clients to exceed the industry eCommerce growth average – proof that our performance backs up our rhetoric.

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The Ecommerce Experts

NetSphere Strategies is a boutique eCommerce company headquartered in Downers Grove, Illinois, a western suburb of Chicago. We help businesses transform their online presence by providing a full complement of services that starts with our strategic consulting and creative design teams. It then continues with building innovative solutions and providing ongoing post-project support. Our business philosophy is to work in tandem with our clients to identify the business and marketing tactics that will ultimately produce the long-term, sustainable profit coveted by our customer base.

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Netsphere Strategies

Success Story

Clients stay with us because we deliver results based on our performance. When we consistently apply our skills, knowledge base and industry expertise with our structured processes and methodology, a continuity of results over the years is your reward. We back up our promises by making the most of your online business, as only a trusted strategic advisor can.

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Get straight As for your eCommerce site this back-to-school …

Across the nation, kids are tossing on their backpacks and hitting the books. School is back in session! As most parents know, though, straight As won’t just materialize out of thin air. They must encourage their children to employ hard-work...

August 08, 2014 Written by NetSphereCategory: User Experience

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15 reasons to use crowd-sourced photos for eCommerce

In the whitepaper titled, “From Ripple to Wave: The Ascent of Authentic Visual Content,” the editors at Olapic, a company focused on visual content, brought to light the flood of customer photos that are being taken every day. They also...

August 08, 2014 Written by NetSphereCategory: Marketing

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7 actions to keep your website from snapping under stress

A typical response to a deadline that's fast-approaching is usually something along the lines of, "I work well under pressure." Fantastic, right? Well, not so much. Unfortunately, there's no research that proves the procrastinator's often-heard claim to be true. In...

August 08, 2014 Written by NetSphereCategory: It Just Makes Good Business Sense

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1430 Branding Lane Suite 170, Downers Grove, IL 60515

When we first opened our doors more than 10 years ago, we didn’t try to be everything to everybody. We instead decided to focus on a few things that we do well. Throughout the years, our primary objective has been to lead businesses to succeed with their webstore initiatives. To make that vision a reality, we incorporated what we call our business life-cycle practice of consultation, solutions and support.


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There are three main reasons why Praxair, Inc. continues to do repeat business with NetSphere Strategies: their product knowledge, promptness of service and quality of work. We know we can count on getting the answers we need, no matter the time of day. Not only have they been our domain experts for WebSphere Commerce since 2010, but we’ve also relied on their integration experience linking clients’ back-office purchasing systems with Ariba punch-out technology. They produce results, and that’s why we’ll work with them in 2014 and beyond

Pete Metelski – Praxair, Inc.

Its 2014 and I am still a happy customer with NetSphere Strategies since the spring of 2005. What impresses me most is the prompt service I continuously receive from them – day or night. I depend on their eCommerce expertise to augment my own staff. For example, they developed an automated tool to upload catalog data to our webstore for price changes and product additions. Uploading data is no longer a chore, one click and I’m done. Quick and easy, just the way I like it.

Susan Moore – Aromatique

The one consistent theme that first comes to mind is the fast response to my questions and how extremely knowledgeable about the WebSphere Commerce platform NetSphere Strategies is. No matter what the problem is, they always fix it. Our initial engagement with NetSphere Strategies in August 2006 set the tone and we still leverage their skills sets, expertise and product knowledge today (2014). Our first e-commerce store was completed ahead of schedule and was done right the first time – no lingering problems to address after it went into production.

Pat VanderHulst – Howard Miller

Where do I start? Having NetSphere Strategies as our WebSphere Commerce partner has been a very positive experience. We put them on the firing line in April 2006 to resolve site stability problems that our previous partner couldn’t resolve. They quickly proved themselves, and we haven’t looked back since. It is 2014 and they remain a core competency to our online business today. Without NetSphere Strategies as our strategic commerce partner, I would be hard pressed to admit we would be as far along with our web sales without their help.

Dave Barber – Allen Edmonds