Our Team

Nearly 5 decades of experience in eCommerce development

The NetSphere Strategies team is comprised of a full array of IT professionals that combined have more than 45 years of expertise specifically in eCommerce development. From developers and integrators to UI/UX architects and marketing professionals, we have all of the bases covered when it comes to designing and deploying a successful online store. Certifications in IBM’s WebSphere Commerce ensure our clients that our skills and talents are on the cutting edge.

Our leadership

Steve Moen

Since 2004, Steve has been at the helm at NetSphere Strategies as its CEO and co-founder, driving sales and marketing and cultivating business partner alliances. He has led the charge to spearhead innovation strategies and tactics and has successfully grown the business because of those efforts.

"It is my privilege to work on a daily basis with the professional team we have assembled at NetSphere Strategies. Each Team member shares their passion for the work they do, the way they do it and why they do it. We realized early on you can't build a successful business unless everyone is on the same page, sharing a common vision of where the future will bring us.”

Steve’s past, however, plays a large role in how he got to where he is today. He established a strong business and technology expertise when employed by such technology titans like AT&T and IBM. He is known for directly being involved in building IT and e-commerce businesses to Inc. 500 status on multiple occasions and as the prior owner of a technology business, grew a small startup to a profitable $20-million-in-annual-sales outfit.

Steve’s outside interests involve raising funds and being a hands-on advocate for social issues that deal with youth addiction and the homeless in pursuit of his self-imposed civic responsibilities. His passions for life on the job and off the job have a tendency to crisscross and intersect in a myriad of positive ways.

“Our corporate vision represents the rallying cry to marshal the forces around us. Our corporate culture captures the hearts and minds of our employees, living a set of principals and values that not only drives the passion and soul of our organization but also guides us in making the right business decisions for our shareholders, employees and clients. That is why I consider it a privilege to work with this team. And so will you.”

Ryan Enlow

As NetSphere Strategy’s chief technology officer and co-founder, Ryan devotes his time developing business deliverables and SaaS services that revolve around the company’s core eCommerce competencies. He also guides and mentors the development team, which consists of developers, analysts, project managers and UI/UX professionals.

Ryan has been working with IBM eCommerce technologies since 1997 and has personally been involved in the deployment of more than 50 eCommerce and marketplace webstores, leading eCommerce projects for companies in Internet Retailer’s Top 500.

Being a business owner himself over the past 10 years, Ryan has a full understanding of the technology, finance and marketing issues every business owner must address. His insight and experience have proved invaluable in his advisory capacity to past clients and clients moving forward. His reputation combined with his calm demeanor resonates at meetings thanks to his rare ability to explain complex technology topics so that non-technology audiences can understand what is being discussed.

Through hard work, delivering results based on performance, and being open and honest with customers, Ryan has built a network of client relationships that has earned him and the NetSphere Strategies organization the status of trusted advisor for those businesses that the company serves.

As a sought-after thought leader in the eCommerce industry, he is one of few technologists that holds the depth, full understanding and hands-on experience of the various technologies required to design, deploy and support an Internet Retailer Top 500 webstore.

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