5 elements to address when assessing the health of your AdWords campaign

August 22, 2014 Written by NetSphere Category: Tech Tools
5 elements to address when assessing the health of your AdWords campaign

As an eCommerce development firm, NetSphere Strategies constantly stresses the importance of website performance audits. From site speed to the overall user experience, when a business understands the inner workings of its online operations, it’s easier to make improvements. And the same could be said for a business’s marketing activities. When marketing assessments are employed, campaigns have more potential for success.

Historically, pay-per-click advertising has been seen as an advertising expense, removed from real business metrics, such as revenue and profit. eCommerce businesses, however, require more from PPC campaigns than advertisers simply trying to acquire conversions. For them, the goal is to transform their ad strategies from an advertising cost to a revenue generator.

So while most marketers will agree that PPC is a proven channel for driving revenue and profit growth, they also agree that it’s challenging to assess. And that’s why many of those marketers will seek out a business partner to perform an in-depth analysis of their PPC activities. During that process, savvy marketers expect these five areas to be addressed:

1. Keyword coverage: Do I have the right coverage to win the most business and out-compete my competition?

2. Spend strategy: Am I spending the right amount for every individual keyword and match type?

3. Data capture: Am I capturing the right data and making it actionable within my account?

4. Leveraging match types: What percentage of my account is [exact match] and how do I decrease costs and increase volume by employing a match type strategy?

5. Enabled Google features: How can ad extensions improve visibility, position and click-through rates? Do I have all of the relevant features enabled and optimized?

For businesses looking to establish a relationship with a firm that can cover all of the bases, Finch is a good place to start. Finch provides the platform and services to help businesses transform their AdWords campaign into a predictable and scalable profit and revenue center. The company also offers a free AdWords audit, which looks at a marketer’s historical campaign performance to identify opportunities for improvement.

Whether a business leverages the Finch audit or whether they work with another business partner, a PPC assessment should be treated as the roadmap to increased profits. Using Google AdWords, businesses hope to acquire new customers and increase their sales. Using an assessment, they can realize those objectives – and in a dramatic way. 

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