Are video product reviews the wave of the future?

June 13, 2012 Written by NetSphere Category: Online Retailing

When Forbes asked the question, “Will Video Be The Next Generation In E-Commerce Product Reviews?” they already knew the answer. According to the article titled the same, “This revolution in the traditional review process is quickly garnering steam, and for good reason. As the attention span of the average E-Shopper dwindles, these critical moments are extended if they’re watching a video review (as opposed to reading one).”

To understand this new brand of eCommerce, Forbes explains how the power of body language can relay something that written reviews could never achieve. When a consumer is front and center, his or her mannerisms add to the sincerity of the review. Facial expressions, too, can be incredibly telling.

Another phenomenon that has surfaced through the use of video reviews is the emergence of more product details and visuals. The more a consumer knows about a product, the less hesitant they will be when considering a purchase. Forbes attributes these comprehensive reviews to the sheer fact that recording video is fun.

As more videos find their way on retailer sites, the credibility of reviews will inevitably increase. The possibility for fraudulent written reviews will be eliminated, leaving sincere information to stay.

Tide asked its customers to sound off – video style – on its new product Tide Pods, and according to Forbes, the response was overwhelming. Take a look at the example above, which is just one of many.   

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