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February 05, 2014 Written by NetSphere Category: mCommerce

The Starbucks loyalty and payment app for iOS and Android has been downloaded and installed by more than 10 million java junkies. And according to, those 10 million users are incredibly active, pushing Starbucks toward the milestone of nearly 5 million transactions per week.

In addition to finding the nearest Starbucks coffee shop, the mobile app lets users sync their rewards card with a credit card, learn about different Starbucks blends and drinks, and send gift cards electronically. And if that weren’t enough, word is spreading about the potential for ordering a cup of Joe before ever stepping foot on site.

Beyond the slew of conveniences afforded with the app, Starbucks also offers customers an FAQ page, which is accessible from the main navigation page. It’s organized according to users’ top concerns, keeping them from getting frustrated as they use the mobile site and conduct transactions. The categories are focused on answering questions about Starbucks cards, the rewards program, sending eGifts and navigating throughout the site.

By including an FAQ page, Starbucks – or any company who employs an FAQs page – is able to accomplish some of the basic essentials of customer service:

  1. Providing an expected customer experience. At this point in time, website visitors have been conditioned to look for an FAQ page when common website questions arise. Most successful websites have one, which leaves consumers assuming that most mobile sites will have one, as well. If your mobile site is lacking even a basic FAQ section, users will have a greater chance for becoming frustrated and leaving your site.
  2. Providing an exceptional customer experience. The very presence of an FAQ page shows users that the site was created with their experiences in mind. It instills trust in your user base and helps them to make informed decisions before they ever make a purchase.

For eCommerce companies, an FAQ page can also provide in-house benefits, like a reduction in product returns. When a customer is able to have his or her questions answered when interacting with a mobile site, it’s not too far-fetched to believe that some returns could be avoided. It is far-fetched, however, to assume that a loyal customer base is possible when refunds and chargebacks are the norm.

The first step in developing a set of FAQs starts by first working off the FAQs developed for your main site. If you don’t have an FAQ page, address the questions that are typically directed at your help desk or call center.

But remember that FAQs are by no means a replacement for a call center. They are merely a way to appease your diverse customer base. Some prefer to talk to a live person over the phone. Some prefer the quick convenience of referencing an FAQ page.

In the end, the goal is to ensure exceptional user experiences by setting expectations and eliminating confusion whether a customer is merely window shopping or making a purchase. Of course, when FAQs aren’t enough and your customer simply wants to speak with a real person to get help, it’s equally important they experience exceptional service from the support agent who answers their call.

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