Three tech trends to not only follow, but adopt

June 04, 2012 Written by NetSphere Category: Tech Trends

Staying abreast of new trends in the digital world is practically a full-time job, especially so considering the pace at which technology evolves. Mary Meeker, venture capitalist and former Wall Street securities analyst covering the Internet, knows the lengths it takes to stay on top of the game. Nicknamed the Queen of the Net, she’s dedicated her life to not only staying in the know in terms of what’s trending, but steering the ship toward the horizon.

To reiterate the difficulties of staying on top of trends, summarized her most recent forecast in three quick blow-by points. The news should be of major interest to any entrepreneurs who either make or use technology to do business.

1. Go east for Internet growth.

According to’s summary, 79% of the U.S. population has access to and uses the Internet, which doesn’t offer a lot of room to grow. “If your products or sales and marketing channels depend on the Internet, realize that the West is reaching a saturation point,” the article relayed. On the opposite end of the spectrum and the opposite side of the planet, for that matter, is China, which currently has an estimated 513 million Internet users, which represents a mere 38 percent market penetration.

“But reality has to set in,” says about Meeker’s prediction that China, India and Indonesia all represent the type of impressive Internet growth worthy of tapping. “Not only do you have to learn how to do business in any of these countries, but you need a business model that will generate revenue and that recognizes the far greater price sensitivity of consumers there.”

2. Mobile is moving.

“Mobile telecommunications and computing in mainstream 3G technology (without even considering the expansion of high speed wireless connectivity) is an enormous growth engine,” says The possibility for growth in the U.S. is at 31 percent year-over-year and that’s still plausible despite 64 percent penetration here. And that’s not including similar opportunities in Japan with 95 percent penetration and in Korea with 85 percent. Russia, India and China also make the list in terms of potential.

“There's one catch: You have to find a business model that will let you make money on mobile,” reminds us. “Mobile e-commerce represents well under 10% of e-commerce in general and advertising costs per thousand on mobile are only a fifth of the already low numbers on the desktop.”

3. iPad is hot, but Android is hotter.

According to Meeker’s report, although 29 percent of adults in the United States have owned a tablet or an e-reader, Android phones are growing at a rate of four times that of the iPhone. Therefore, there’s a whole lot of room for growth. How you use that opportunity may be up to you, though. Meeker can’t tell you everything.

But you can get more details, however, by checking out her full report here.

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