You asked and the eCommerce experts responded

April 17, 2013 Written by NetSphere Category: eCommerce
You asked and the eCommerce experts responded
After our first NetSphere Strategies newsletter went out in March, we received a handful of questions in response to our invitation to “Ask an eCommerce Expert.” One of those inquiries, submitted by Rob S., immediately sparked our attention.
Q: Is there one specific tool that I can use to directly increase my online store's capabilities, conversion rates and sales?
A: Rob’s question is a good one. Not a day goes by that etailers aren’t constantly hit over the head with a million and one tech tools out there that tout huge conversion rates and bucket loads of revenue. To say the least, it can be difficult to narrow those myriad options down to just one, which is why, if there’s one question that is asked of us most frequently, it’s his.
No matter the size of the company or the complexities of the product or service at hand, we always respond to questions like Rob’s with the same three words: “Build a plan.” Although many business owners are looking for a cure-all, there unfortunately is no silver bullet out there to solve every issue that every etailer may have. Having a plan and systematically working that plan has shown to be the only proven way to build online success.
More often than not, etailers will react to the problems that they’re confronted with when they’re confronted with them as opposed to being proactive. By creating a solid vision, business owners are armed with the roadmap they need to keep them on course and achieving their business objectives.
If you have a pre-existing plan in place, then you’re already ahead of the game. But, just as it’s important to create one, it’s also important to re-evaluate it as your eCommerce site grows and matures. Once you’re confident that you have a flexible plan that can serve you for the long haul, you can then begin to add tactical tools and assessments. It’s worked for NetSphere Strategies clients and it can work for you.
Finally, we'd like to extend our gratitude to the individuals that submitted questions. We'll personally answer all queries that didn't make it to our blog via e-mail. To submit future questions to our eCommerce experts, keep your eye out for our upcoming newsletter, which you can subscribe to on the NetSphere Strategies home page
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