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May 2014

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ISSUE #13 | MAY 2014
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Making your online store more profitable


A message from our CEO, Steve Moen

Where are your customers headed?

Keeping pace with customers on their path to purchase requires some advanced navigation skills. What was once a straight line is now a windy road with pitstops at brick-and-mortar locations, social media sites, online stores and mobile apps. The secret to staying on their trail, however, is in understanding them even better than before. Fortunately, new and improving technology is emerging everyday to help make that possible.     



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The best way to gain traction with customers is to deliver positive experiences at every turn. UI/UX workshops ensure that the right strategies are put in place early on.         

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Smarter Commerce May 12-15

Crain's MFG Summit May 20

IRCE June 10-13


Adobe takes on the challenge of personalization

Adobe's Experience Manager was designed to address the fragmentation of the multi-channel marketing environment. For eCommerce, Adobe added specific features to tackle the job.

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Tracking customers in-store; the stuff of sci-fi

Facial recognition and wearables, like Google Glass, are the future of retail. But for now, there are other portals to in-store success.

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