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June 2014

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ISSUE #14 | JUNE 2014
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Making your online store more profitable


A message from our CEO, Steve Moen

Picture this . . .

Almost 40 percent of the biggest U.S. retailers don't provide product detail photography on their websites. This is despite the understanding that online shoppers need to rely on product images to help them make purchase decisions. In the eCommerce world, a picture isn't just worth a thousand words; it can also drive higher conversion rates and increased sales.          



eCommerce image audit

To discover how today's biggest retailers use images to market their products online, we surveyed their websites. The results show that there's definitely room to improve.         

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V I S I T  U S  A T  B O O T H  # 1 4 4 3


Shrink eCommerce images to improve load times

Loading up a site with stunning, high-res photos comes with a few caveats, such as the drag that they can create on load times. When pages are slow to load, patrons are quick to leave.

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Read a blog about shrinking the size of eCommerce images to improve load times

Progressive thinking for eCommerce JPEGs

Performance gains can be made by using progressive JPEGs, which load in increasing detail as opposed to only appearing once the entire file has downloaded. 

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