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July 2014

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ISSUE #15 | JULY 2014
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Making your online store more profitable

A message from our CEO, Steve Moen

Get the wheels turning

Whether it's a loose wheel that always seems to be faced in the wrong direction or a wheel so sticky that it'll barely turn, a wonky shopping cart can ruin a trip at the store. And the same goes for online shopping. If a website's shopping cart doesn't function properly and doesn't follow best practices, an online experience can easily be spoiled.                 


Shopping cart must-haves

When customers place an item in a shopping cart, they should see a thumbnail of the item, its price and a brief description. But those are just the bare essentials. Download our infographic to learn more. 

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Creating a successful website requires a strategically driven effort backed by a holistic understanding of technology, UI/UX, marketing and analytics.

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As a full-service eCommerce firm, we have the expertise to help you assess your current website development efforts.


Harnessing the power of cart abandonment e-mails

With nearly 70% of online shopping carts being abandoned, retailers can't just sit back and hope those sales will be magically recovered. Instead, they should leverage cart abandonment e-mails.  

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Treating new online shoppers like valued guests

Making customers create an account to shop on your website can be tempting. But, for many, forced registration could cause them to abandon their carts.

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