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January 2014

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A message from our CEO, Steve Moen

That's a wrap, folks!

With 2013 at our backs, we look to the New Year to bring us new opportunities to grow our businesses. By taking what we've learned over the course of the past 12 months, we can better tackle what's ahead. Taking the idea of lessons learned into current context, it's interesting to think that what was once considered "reflecting on the past to improve the future" can now be thought of as analytics-based decision making.

Analytics for eCommerce marketers

Intelligent insight through analytics

Retailers that use analytics create a competitive advantage for their organizations. From improving the customer experience to increasing employee collaboration, mining big data produces big results.

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Creating a successful website requires a strategically driven effort. It also requires a holistic understanding of technology, UI/UX, marketing and analytics.

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As a full-service eCommerce firm, we have the expertise to help you coordinate your website development efforts.

Setting up basic attribution modeling with
Google Analytics

One of the biggest challenges for retailers is figuring out where to put their marketing dollars. With consumers taking so many avenues toward an eventual purchase, it’s tough to know what messages make an impact.

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Attribution modeling

6 analytics trends for mid-market eCommerce in 2014

Expect an evolving use of eCommerce analytics tools in 2014 as businesses adapt to the behavior where buyers research their problem and possible solutions online before ever speaking to a salesperson.

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