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4 transformative shifts happening in the digital marketplace In a recent ComScore report titled, “U.S. Digital Future in Focus 2014,” the editors there discussed the rapid evolution of the online marketplace. From mobile to social media to eCommerce, digital consumer behavior in 2013 was put under the microscope. In doing so, the researchers at ComScore were able to categorize the changes taking place into four categories. These categories, which ComScore dubbed as transformative shifts, are as follows: Platform Shifts: Consumers are engaging with digital media across an increasing number...

October 14, 2013 Written by NetSphere Category: Websphere Commerce

When IBM released V7.0 for the WebSphere Commerce platform, the goal was to provide a powerful customer interaction platform for cross-channel and online commerce. And although some time has passed, there are still some businesses that haven’t made the move to IBM's most recent version. Many of those businesses may be delaying their adoption of V7.0 due to a lack of understanding surrounding the platform changes that came with it. Many others might be holding off until the benefits of doing so can be better understood.

In the video shown above, the IBM team delivers on both accounts, offering a high-level summary of the enhancements available on V7.0, including the hardware, operating systems and browsers that are supported – and those that are not. The IBM video also highlights the features that are available, such as automated multi-channel marketing, mobile commerce and social networking.

For businesses that are committed to focusing on omni-channel retailing, V7.0 simplifies those efforts. For example, the mobile upgrades now available help eCommerce companies better engage with consumers who want to shop in-store while simultaneously researching prices and other options on their phones. The SMS capabilities found within the upgrade are also incredibly valuable, considering the growing prevalence for text-based marketing and promotional messages.

"E-commerce is no longer simply about selling things online," IBM states. "It's about delivering a seamless, integrated experience across all touch points. With the introduction of Web 2.0 technologies, e-commerce is now about transforming customer shopping experiences to leverage the power of your brand, providing a rich, personalized experience across multiple channels of your business."

Keeping those objectives at the core of IBM operations, six feature packs have been delivered since V7.0 launched. But before WebSphere Commerce users will be able to take advantage of the added functionality found within each of those feature packs, they will have to ensure that they are working on the V7.0 platform. To get assistance bringing your eCommerce site up to date, feel free to reach out to the team at NetSphere Strategies. We’d be happy to pick up where the above video left off.